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60 days post op and it is looking possibly within the next 2 weeks; I hope.

There is much red scar tissue at the top and pink on the sides but it should fade with time.

This is the first day since the surgery that there is no longer packing and just a bandage…… oh yeah.. The nurse stated there would be no need for packing now and I agree.


45 days post op and I am seeing more progress, just heal I scream, the top of the wound is starting to close.

31 days post op of pilondial cyst and I can see the improvement.

This is 31 days post op, wow.  I imagined to be healed by now.

This is the photo the nurse made today and I am now 26 day post op.  Wish the damn thing would heal.

This is day 25 post op and I can not tell a large difference the top seems to be feeling in more.  It is still very large to me.  I hate the daily packings and starting to get tired of the daily routine.

This is 20 days post op of mu pilonidial cyst healing, I hope my body knows how to reshape its self as this is becoming more full.

Here I am now post op and after 12 days.  With an open wound to heal, this is normal for this surgery.

Next time I will have the flash on.  The nurse comes daily to clean and care for the wound.  It is getting much better and very little pain.  I am very thankful for the health care.

O.K. this will be quick. I followed up with my gp to learn this nodule:lump inside me is a cyst that has become infected.  I am at the point of relief.  This is non serious so I follow up with a general surgeon on april 6th.

I am to follow up with if I have a fever or increase pain, if so this could have reputed and sent its army out to invade my body with a serious infection.  At this moment my body protects itself with this sac of infection.

I am to say with caution until this is removed.